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Date: Wed Dec 31 2003 - 22:44:54 EET wrote:

>Dear list,
> i am a student studying in Loughborough University and i am
>doing a project on 'Implication of Rapid Manufacturing on Product
>Design'.I am researching on the product 'Mouthguard' where the present
>material used is EVA(ethyl vinyl acetate) and i would like to know wether
>any existing RP techonologies/materials would be approperiate to
>manufacture this product.Any suggestion or information will be highly
Dear Rubin,

You should look at FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling), SLS (Selective Laser
Sintering), and LOM (Layered Object Manufacturing). These processes
might be used to build models using EVA. However, none of these
processes is likely to work well for production manufacturing.

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