RE: Details required about Envision Perfactory

From: Scott Tilton <>
Date: Fri Jan 02 2004 - 15:05:55 EET

Hey John,
Enjoy the new year.
Lighten up a little bit.
Perhaps I'm misreading the "tone" of your e-mails, but they seem very
aggressive and confrontational.
I'd think I was watching an episode of "60 minutes" where a reporter has
caught someone cheating.
Don't get me wrong . .that's all fine and dandy when a reporter catches
someone who is lying or cheating and exposes the truth.
It would appear in this case though, that the reporter is asking a lot of
inflammatory questions without having done the bare minimum amount of
I mean . . . take a few minutes and type "Perfactory" into Google.
I'm sure that will take you to the company's website (Which I believe is
Envisiontec . . .. not Envision or InVision . . . it is pretty important to
use the right names these days)
Or some other resources on the web that will explain the basics of how their
machine / the technology works.
By sitting there and blasting away with big guns in all directions, you are
doing less damage than you would with some smaller, but more precisely aimed
One again, in my opinion, your behavior is hurting your own credibility more
than those you are questioning.
Chill out. Relax. Do a little light reading and research, and then come
back with some questions.
Happy New Year.
Scott Tilton
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From: John Kerr []
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To: Anuj P Shah;
Subject: Details required about Envision Perfactory
Dear Anuj,
Come on reply ! What happened you are so silent. All your explainations
will have to be suppoted by logic >
Can Enviison explain his claims ?
Look for your immediate reply - Johnn.

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