RE: Details required about Envision Perfactory

From: John Kerr <>
Date: Mon Jan 05 2004 - 15:48:07 EET

Dear Steven,
The XY envelope size for Viper is 250 x 250 mm, which you can use very well for 0.025 mm or 0.050 layer builds.
We do not nest parts in Z axis.
If you take a cube of 250 x 250 size, & try to fit as many stls as possible with 2-3 mm distance between them, we can build it nicely. We have built anywhere between 50-80 different STLs together on one platform. This will include around 30-40 rings(width at top 10-13 mm) some pendents, Bangales, etc.
The 0.025 layer platform will take anywhere between 20-30 hours for the above while 0.050 platform will take anywhere between 12-18 hours for the above.
The initial cost is higher for Viper no doubt about that, but per piece cost will be much lower due to throughput. The laser cost is in the range of US$ 2-3 per hour of machine run. Our system is running since last 2.5 years, just completed warranty life of 7500 hours, still no problem with laser except periodic cleaning of optics each quarter.
May be my tone was inappropriate, but I heard Envisiotec people saying in the market that it meets speed of Viper or even exceed. That was the reason of my queries on list, to hear it from users.
Based on the info you have provided me I can conclude that you can build not more than 3-5 rings (with top width 12-14 mm range, 28-30 mm dia) within 5-7 hours. Leave apart big pendents,bangles, I do not know how you can build it in 1 piece.
The purpose of this email is to educate people on the list & keep them away from people like Mr. Shah.
Anyway thanks for the support. Surprisingly Envisiontec is nicely silent about any reaction. Come on have debate on this ? Tell your distributors like Mr. Shah to fight back. Any technical debate is welcome, except polished sales talk.

"Steven Adler ( A3DM )" <> wrote:
John et al
I note that you have not replied to my questions about the Viper as follows.....
What is the X-Y build envelope size and the cure time per layer at 25 micron....?
Are you nesting several layers of product in the Z axis to achieve these numbers..?

How does the operating cost compare.? .... I am told that the laser needs to be replaced every year to 18 months and that the system cost is 3 times the cost of the Perfactory

As for the comments of Mr...Tilton, I do agree your tone was inappropriate. If your inquiry is a sincere attempt for the evaluation by your firm as an end user, I can assure you that Envisiontec would provide you the all relevant facts and data you would need. I can see no reason to assume that your statement "I am sure Envisiontec or any of its distributor won't tell me the truth & hidden facts" has any basis in fact but rather a poorly formulated assumption on your part.



Steven Adler

Automated 3D Modeling, Inc



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