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JOURNAL of JFS: VoI.75 NO.12 December 2OO3
CONTENTS (in Japanese):

Special Issue: Rapid Prototyping−Newest Technique for Mold and


Foreword for Special Issue:T. Yoshida

Technical Articles:
 Production of Shell Fracture in Shell Manufacturing Using Photo-solidified
Polymer as Model Material: S. Nagata, F. Uchida and H. Moritoki
 Dimensional Changes of Casting by Lost Foam Casting Process Using PIaster
Mold and Sheet Lamination Model: S. Koroyasu,H. Souma and K. Koike

Technical Report
 Improvement of Hardness and Dimensional Stability of Laminated Object
Manufacturing RP Model as Substitute for Wooden Pattern of Casting: H.
Nakai, S. Wakagi T. Temma and M. Oguma
 High Speed Molding Technology with Numerical Control Machine: Y・瘢雹 Iwata,
H.Iwahori, K. Naito and K. Ohgo

Technical Explanation

 Current Status and Trend of Stereolithography Resin for 3D Model and
Direct Die: T・瘢雹 Hagiwara
 Current Use of RP Machines as to its Material: T. Kurosaki
 Utilization of Lager Sintering RP in Mold and Patternmaking: T. Maeda
 Rapid Tooling of Laser Form Powder Using SLS Technology: S. Hayano
 Rapid Prototyping Using Ultra High Speed Milling Technology: M. Anzai and
I. Takahashi
 Direct Molding without Pattern: M. Imamura

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