Comparing 3D Systems 7000 to Sony SCS-8000D update and more quest ions.....

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Date: Tue Jan 06 2004 - 20:59:31 EET

Hello all,

I have received responces from a few of you on my previous post about
comparing 3D Systems 7000 with Sony SCS-8000D. Most are not aware that Sony
has an office in the USA and is licensed to sell their RP machines here. I
have included web page URLs, phone number and location of their office at
the end of this message for those that might be interested.

I have created an STL file and sent it to both companies to be built for
comparison. We have received a part from 3D Systems but are still waiting
for the part from Sony. After we receive parts and information from both
companies I will send another message of our findings and thoughts between
the two parts received.

It turns out that there are very few SCS 8000D machines in operation so
perhaps that's why I didn't receive any information from this list about
comparing the two specific machines. We plan to go to both companies sites
in California to see both machines in operation, although the Sony will be a
model SCS-8000 instead of the "D" model, but they are the same phisical
size with the only difference being a single laser beam as opposed the the
dual laser of the model D.

One thing I find interesting is that the Sony machine does not have a
removable build platform. I can think of some reasons this might be good
and also reasons that might be bad.

I would welcome any information or comments about the pros and cons of
removable compared to non-removable build platforms as well as any other
things we should consider investigating when visiting both companies.


You can get quite a bit of information about Sony's SCS machines available
in the USA from the web site at

or the link below will take you right to the Rapid Prototyping page,

Each of the Solid Creation Systems has a page with links to PDF product
brochure files and a FAQ web page, along with a "Request More Info" link

They also have a Sales phone number on the web page ( 949.770.8400 )for
their US location is in Lake Forest, California.

Best regards,

Nick Schaefer
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