Re: Comparing 3D Systems 7000 to Sony SCS-8000D update and more questions.....

From: Paul <>
Date: Wed Jan 07 2004 - 18:34:10 EET

I would be most interested in your findings. I have made phones calls and
requested info from Sony as well sometime ago. I look forward to hopefully
receiving information and learning more abut their systems.


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Subject: Comparing 3D Systems 7000 to Sony SCS-8000D update and more

> Hello all,
> I have received responces from a few of you on my previous post about
> comparing 3D Systems 7000 with Sony SCS-8000D. Most are not aware that
> has an office in the USA and is licensed to sell their RP machines here.
> have included web page URLs, phone number and location of their office at
> the end of this message for those that might be interested.
> I have created an STL file and sent it to both companies to be built for
> comparison. We have received a part from 3D Systems but are still waiting
> for the part from Sony. After we receive parts and information from both
> companies I will send another message of our findings and thoughts between
> the two parts received.
> It turns out that there are very few SCS 8000D machines in operation so
> perhaps that's why I didn't receive any information from this list about
> comparing the two specific machines. We plan to go to both companies
> in California to see both machines in operation, although the Sony will be
> model SCS-8000 instead of the "D" model, but they are the same phisical
> size with the only difference being a single laser beam as opposed the the
> dual laser of the model D.
> One thing I find interesting is that the Sony machine does not have a
> removable build platform. I can think of some reasons this might be good
> and also reasons that might be bad.
> I would welcome any information or comments about the pros and cons of
> removable compared to non-removable build platforms as well as any other
> things we should consider investigating when visiting both companies.
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> You can get quite a bit of information about Sony's SCS machines available
> in the USA from the web site at
> or the link below will take you right to the Rapid Prototyping page,
> Each of the Solid Creation Systems has a page with links to PDF product
> brochure files and a FAQ web page, along with a "Request More Info" link
> too.
> They also have a Sales phone number on the web page ( 949.770.8400 )for
> their US location is in Lake Forest, California.
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> Best regards,
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