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From: J.K. Sarin Sundar <>
Date: Thu Jan 08 2004 - 12:44:32 EET

Dear Dr. Jandin,

The Indo-French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research is an
autonomous body under the joint control of the Government of India and the
Government of France, which supports and coordinates joint research by
scientists of the two countries. We had in the past submitted a proposal
for Selective Laser Sintering with french institutes & industries. They have
a good network. you can write to P.G.S Mony the director of the centre to
identify partners of your interest.

P.G.S. Mony, Director
Indo French Centre
for the Promotion of Advanced Research
Core A, Ground Floor,
Indian Habitat Centre,Lodhi Road,
New Delhi - 110 003

Telephone : +91-11-2468 2251 / 2468 2252
Fax: +91-11-464 8632


Best Regards,

J.K. Sarin Sundar, Scientist C
Centre for Laser Processing of Materials
ARCI, Balapur PO, Hyderabad -5, India
phone +91-40-24441077
fax +91-40-24442699
mobile +91-(0) - 98492 49280

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Dear List,

First of all, I wish you an Happy New Year,

We thank you for informations sent concerning contacts in India.

The French Association of Mould and Model Industry (AFIM) is organising a
tour in India from february 28th to march 7th in Bombay, Pune and Bangalore.
We would like to make some visit of companies and technological centres in
these cities. This is the reason of the request.

Prof. Alain Bernard has proposed to ask it to the list and I fully thank him
for his help.

With best regards,

Guillaume JANDIN

Dr. Guillaume JANDIN
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