Second update to "comparing 3D Systems SLA 7000 to Sony SCS 8000D "

From: SCHAEFER,NICK (HP-Boise,ex1) <>
Date: Tue Jan 13 2004 - 01:17:05 EET

Hello all,

I have now received parts from both 3D Systems and Sony and have the
following to report. Please note although the subject says Sony SCS-8000D,
the parts received from Sony were build on a SCS-8000, however they did
provide an estimated build time for the 8000D.

I created a benchmark part and STL file in SolidWorks and sent it and a
request for parts from both 3D Systems and Sony. I did not specify any
particular resin, layer thickness, or build orientation, however I did
request they leave about 1/3 of the supports on the part.

3D systems was the first to send me a part. It had all the supports left on
it and the vertical walls were rather ruff to a point that running my
fingernail over them felt rough. There were also a few other places on
surfaces with very large radii that had some rough spots on them.

During a phone conversation with 3D Systems about the part I mentioned what
I thought about the rough vertical walls and they built two additional parts
made of different resin and orientation and sent them to me right away.
They also used an un-released beta version of build software of which may or
may not have had more to do with better parts than the resin and orientation
did. Both of these parts were much better, especially one that was build in
a double 45 degree angle of which had almost no supports at all.

The Sony part was a long time in arriving and in fact it took the last Email
I sent to this list saying that I had not yet received the part from Sony as
yet and was getting concerned. The next morning I got an Email and apology
from Sony, and the part arrived the next day. The Sony part has a very
smooth finish on all surfaces except on both sides of one web that has a
very large radius on it and also had supports on top and bottom of it.

We also built the part on our SLA 250/50.

None of the parts were built in the exact same orientation so I don't have
build time data as yet that is an accurate benchmark.

I have done some measuring of the parts and have determined the Sony part to
be the most accurate in general.

Build times of parts that were done in similar (although not exactly) the
same orientation are:
SLA 7000 = 16 hrs. 57 min, Sony SCS-8000 = 17 hrs. 47 min. and SLA 250 = 26
hrs. 6 min. (An estimated build time on the Sony SCS-8000D with twin beam
was 13 hrs. 42 min.)

With all that said, 3D Systems has been the most responsive to our requests
and the second & third parts were much better than the first. Sony has
been difficult to get parts and information from but the one part they sent
has a nice finish with the exception listed above and is very accurate.
After I receive the addition part(s) from Sony I will send an update to the

Also I have a zip file with an Excel spread sheet with build data including
but not limited to dimensional accuracy, resin, laser power, beam spot size,
build times, CAD images of build orientation from all parts, plus the STL
file. The zip file is 436 KB in size. I will be happy to send the zip file
in response to any Email requests I receive.

Best regards,

Nick Schaefer
   Boise Site Mechanical Engineering Services
   Phone: (208) 396-4884
   Fax: (208) 396-2906 or (208) 396-2338
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