RE: RIM questions

From: Scott Tilton <>
Date: Wed Jan 14 2004 - 22:06:03 EET

Can't say as I know a heck of a lot about it personally, but when we needed
information, we talked to a guy from Rimnetics.

I've got no connection to them . .but if you were looking for contact:

Gary Quigley
Engineering Manager
Rimnetics, Inc.
3141 Swetzer Road
Loomis, CA 95650

916-652-3636 Fax

Scott Tilton

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From: Andrew Miller []
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To: Rapid Prototyping (RPML)
Subject: RIM questions

Has anybody got any good suggestions for information resorces on Reaction
Injection Moulding (RIM) technology....??

Techniquiques... equipment....etc...

We've gone as far as possible with pressure casting...time to move up....
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