files on open/closed cell strucrus

From: Rupert Soar <>
Date: Sun Jan 18 2004 - 01:37:49 EET

Hi List,
Can anyone help? I've been modelling (or attempting to model) open and
closed cell structures, but unfortunately reached the processing limit
of my computer. I want to produce to demonstration parts to show off
the capabilities of SFF. I've been generating positive volumes, to
represent the voids in a foam or cellular structure, but have come
unstuck during Boolean operations from a block to produce the cell
matrix (hope this is clear?). At each attempt my software locks up, I'm
not going to say which software in case people jump on this as criticism
of the software, which it isn't. Are there any CAD files out there of
closed or open cell/foam structures that you would be willing to share?
I'd also like to look at either organic examples (say bone or plant
stem) or changing, organised, structure, of the type you would expect to
see in an hierarchical structures (not necessarily to demonstrate
physical properties but for visualisation). Again I could not even
attempt to model these structures on my machine.
Dxf, iges etc welcome.
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