RE: Metallisation of the SLS Duraform

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Date: Mon Jan 19 2004 - 18:10:08 EET

Besides gains in tensile strength . . . increased stiffness of thin walled
parts is very dramatic.
Scott Tilton
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At Loughborough University we have done some work with Sean Wise at
Repliform, Maryland, USA to assess the effects of electroplating SLA and SL
With regard to SLS (duraform) electroplating helped to smooth the surface
finish and keyed well with the part surface. Significant increases in
tensile properties (up to 4X) were recorded with thicker layers of copper
and nickel. An outline of the results was presented at the SLS user group
meeting in Orlando last September.
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Subject: Metallisation of the SLS Duraform
Does anyone have any experience with metallisation of the Duraform material
and the SLS prototyping system?
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Jørn Inge Løvik
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