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From: Paul Finelt <>
Date: Tue Jan 20 2004 - 23:22:37 EET

1. Check out - they might have some info. SIC codes would be a
good start to ID the industries you are interested in examining.
2. How are you measuring product development - like manufacturing - # of
people employed or Sales $$$?
3. Depending upon the industry, in the past, one could assume product is
developed near it's point of manufacture. Today, that is less true. You will
find that larger industries have wider geographic spread than smaller
industries. The 'net and computers have truly spread out product development
4. Unfortunately for all of us concerned about our industrial capabilities
in the United States, we are doing less of both -manufacturing and product

Please share your findings if you can.

Best regards,

Paul Finelt
PF Associates, LLC
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Dear List,

       Can anyone from the list provide some sort of information about what
are the top US states for manufacturing and product development. Also what
US states are up and coming as far as Product development and manufacturing.

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