Re: Cleaning SLS RP parts ???

From: Timothy J Gornet <>
Date: Wed Jan 21 2004 - 04:53:29 EET

The bead blaster should be all that you need. Sounds like your part bed
temperature may be a bit high. You shouldn't have to chisel the powder
off of your parts. If you put parts in the bead blaster that have alot
of powder on them you end up with more DuraForm than bead media and it
becomes much less effective. You might also want to replace your glass
beads in the blaster as well and see if that helps.

If not than a part bed temperature should be reached that allows you to
brush or lightly scrape off the majority of the powder. The bead blaster
should easily take care of the rest.

Good luck.

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>>> "Smith Scott (AP/ECP6)" <> 01/20/04 5:01 PM
I am currently using a bead blaster to clean the excess Duraform GF out
of my parts, but I am having trouble with the hard to reach areas and
blind holes. I was wondering if there were any other methods used to
clean SLS RP parts. Do ultrasonic cleaners work? Any input or
suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Scott Smith
Received on Wed Jan 21 04:36:20 2004

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