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From: Bo Atkinson <>
Date: Wed Jan 21 2004 - 12:51:02 EET

>George wrote:
>I've tried quite a few, and my experience is that no commercial
>software is very robust when given complex Boolean operations. If
>you take the union of a few hundred small objects, the package is
>likely to give an error message or crash. If anyone can recommend a
>software tool (free or commercial) that they feel is particularly
>good at complex Boolean operations, please let us know.


Beautiful work and outstanding website!

It might be of interest that formZ, (with the latest version 4.x and
latest pc hardware), was able to Boolean 343 soccer balls very
easily. (Please excuse my previous error in writing 49 balls instead
of 343.) After playing with the method (formZ offers various ways to
do anything), I found that this was rather instantaneous. Thousands
of soccer balls might possibly crash, but hundreds are easy. One has
to "warm up" to doing particular things. Yet to be fair, more
experimentation is deserved before saying exactly where the limit is.
It appeared that booling successive sets went faster than selecting
all balls for booling at once.

A present problem, we are informed, is a bug in the driver of the
latest ATI video cards, (regardless of OS.) Until ATI fixes it's
driver, the 4.1 version of formZ has been adjusted to compensate.
(Earlier 4.x versions are slow with selection redraws on ATI's
recent card). Now, it would seem, all video cards effectively must
wait until ATI fixes the driver, before full formZ performance is
returned. Nevertheless, I'm finding formZ's feats of CAD power much
greater than ever, on my new machine, (having used an older machine
until very recently). If anyone can elaborate on or correct this,
please do let me know.

( has a free demo)

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