RE: files on open/closed cell strucrus

From: Ketan Jajal <>
Date: Wed Jan 21 2004 - 19:04:44 EET



I had similar problem when I was working on making some cell structure at
NCSU. CAD software's are not made for such application. Working on STL is
much better then working on CAD files. I found a simple and much faster way
to do this. It should work for you too.


Create just one cell in CAD ( Basic building block). Then export that as an
STL file in software like Magics. You have two options to create the


One: Create an array of the cell, merge all the cells as one STL file. Do
the Boolean with a Big a cube.

Two: Remove the side surfaces of cell, then create an array (array distance
should be exactly equal to the size of cell). Merge all the cells as one STL
file and stitch them.


Hope this helps.

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