Re: files on open/closed cell strucrus

From: Bo Atkinson <>
Date: Wed Jan 21 2004 - 22:56:06 EET

> George Hart wrote:
>For a better test, you could rotate each ball a random amount, scale
>it slightly differently, and perturb its position a small random
>distance. Then each intersection will be a slightly different
>problem for the software to solve. In that case, I suspect there is
>a good chance that at least one of them will expose a software
>problem. (But I would be happy to hear otherwise...)

Perhaps I misunderstood the objective and yes software problems are
always there to work around. I've spent plenty of time trying harder,
no free lunch here ;-)

I regret if there is some groupings I'm too ignorant to appreciate
but STL is a format included in formZ . Ketan Jajal writes as though
CAD is separate from STL. I often used tools "outside the box". A
hammer for digging or a screw driver for chiseling.

Bo Atkinson
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