Re: files on open/closed cell strucrus

From: Bathsheba Grossman <>
Date: Wed Jan 21 2004 - 23:20:53 EET

On Wed, 21 Jan 2004, George W. Hart wrote:
> For a better test, you could rotate each ball a random amount, scale it
> slightly differently, and perturb its position a small random distance.
> Then each intersection will be a slightly different problem for the
> software to solve. In that case, I suspect there is a good chance that
> at least one of them will expose a software problem. (But I would be
> happy to hear otherwise...)

Amen to that.

I've just been compiling an open source Linux package, GTS, that seems
to have a fairly robust set of mesh boolean operations. I got it from I haven't tried anything very difficult yet, and I
don't know how its algorithms stack up to those of Magics and whatnot,
but it's one more tool -- and you can't beat the price.


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