Re: Developing RP Software

From: Ismo Mäkelä <>
Date: Thu Jan 22 2004 - 10:19:48 EET

Dear Matthew,

DeskArtes was the first company to bring professional STL tools in the
RP market already year 1995. Today DeskArtes 3Data Expert can do all the
necessary functions for STL data handling: input surface models,
triangulate surface models, repair and orient STL data, manipulate STL
data and generate supports and slices for RP machines.

Best regards,

Ismo Mäkelä

Matthew Michaelis wrote:

>I am interested in finding a company to develop front
>end software for an new RP machine.
>The custom software would be used to view, orient, and
>slice 3D files and then provide a customizable output
>to run the machine.
>To save time and expense, it seems advantageous to
>find a developer with proven view, orient, and slice
>software that can easily be customized for our needs.
>I believe Materialise provides this service. Does
>anyone have an experiences they'd like to share? Any
>pitfalls to avoid, etc.
>Also, are there any other companies worth considering?
>B. Matthew Michaelis
>Mechanical Engineering
>University of California - Irvine
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>Fax: 916.404.5581
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