Re: No more CheapSLA? Other cheap rates?

From: Carl Dekker <>
Date: Fri Jan 23 2004 - 00:02:58 EET

Kind of strange how these things work.

Facility opens designed to do contract/membership work where multiple people
can share access to equipment. Operation that 'shares' equipment goes
under. New company opens in very close proximity to former company. Around
that same time a web based operation opens with almost exactly the same
address. Not much longer and another company opens in the same metropolis
when web site dissolves. This makes for a lot of coincidence or bad

Maybe not all models of prototyping can work. Could it be that we are still
prototyping how to prototype?


Carl Dekker

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> On Thu, 22 Jan 2004, Jack Smith wrote:
> > I got a quote from a while back, and can't seem to find
> > them now. That's too bad, really. At any rate, is there another really
> > cheap SLA company? I mean, the part I have is about the size of four
> > dimes stacked up, and I'm getting prices like $150. Is that right? I
> > guess I was spoiled because the quote from CheapSLA was a WHOLE lot
> > lower. Just wish I'd had them make the part back then, I guess. Argh!
> Sh! Nobody is allowed to mention We don't talk about
> that here.
> But just between you and me, you might take a look at
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