RE: No more Cheaply? Other cheap rates?

From: John M. Irvin <>
Date: Fri Jan 23 2004 - 01:42:27 EET

Here is my 2 cents.
Every product that is cheaper than the average cost to the industry has to
cut expenses somehow. Wal-Mart sells cheaper product but they have 10cent
per hour guys working on the manufacturing. That was the innovation of Sam
W. was to get the manufacturers to find ways to make the products cheaper.
But in our industry 3D makes sure that the material and machine is expensive
enough that going cheap is hard to do. But also we cannot get a prototype in
a couple of hours using 100 china men. Our industry has its supply and
demand costs. Yes it would be nice to get a housing for a ronco roaster for
4 easy payments of $29.95.
But wait long enough and one of the payments will be eliminated.
Also if being cheap was such a good money maker for a company, why aren't
they still in business. Sounds to me that the cheap competition did not
change the market, but it did change their corporation status, and quickly.
John Irvin, NECO Inc.
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