RE: RP domain name value

From: Al Dean <>
Date: Fri Jan 23 2004 - 13:39:57 EET

I suppose the question is what would you use as a replacement?

If you can find another, such easily recognisable, domain, then why not
make a bit of cash from selling it. But you do also need to consider
that your customers (if you're operating a commercial organisation from
that address - or might in the future) may not be able to find your
web-site if it changes and the costs of informing them should be
subtracted from the sale price (or added, depending on your point of

A good domain name is essential to many businesses and I can think of a
few in the RP industry that cause confusion... is a good example (clear, concise and memorable) and if it
were mine, I'd have to think long and hard about selling it on. But then
again, that all depends on how much money is being offered...

Also, I'd find out more about who is offering to buy it. It might the
case that someone has started a company and needs that domain name (in
which case, the asking price goes up)..

If I remember correctly, it happened with the Segway (
people - they branded the company around one name, then found that the
domain wasn't available, so they had to rebrand the company under
another name. It's all in the book Codename:Ginger (worth a read for
anyone in product development)..

As for financial value, haven't a clue...

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From: Rafael Santillan []
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Subject: RP domain name value

Dear listers
I need you help...
I did received an email asking if I am interested in to sell my domain
name "", and make me think 2 things first how good is the
name within the RP market and second how much would it be wort in the
actual market. After almost 5 years in the bussines, the email got me by
surprise since I never tought about selling it, but it is quite

I have always got a very good feedback from all of you, So put your
selfs in my shoes and send me your honest tougths or feedback (no
firing) on how much do you believe can be valued this RP oriented domain
and how good or bad the name really is. any positive and negative back
fire will be appreciated.

PD freebe is not an option at this point

best regards to all


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