Rhino News - January 2004

From: Bob McNeel <bob_at_mcneel.com>
Date: Mon Jan 26 2004 - 13:41:02 EET

Rhino News - January 2004

    Bonus Tools available
    Bongo, animation tools
    Rhino 3.0 SR3b available

    See Rhino at a tradeshow near you

    Dashew Offshore's unSailboat designed in Rhino

    Power RhinoToMax, Max plug-in reads 3DM files
    Roland/Rhino educational bundle
    RhinoMold v2, mold design tools
    SoleCreator v3, scale sole designs and molds
    Read/Write native CATIA V4 files
    SpaceBall 5000 supported in Rhino
    Raider 3D, 3D collaboration tools for Rhino
    Delcam supports Rhino 3DM files directly
    BNT rapid prototyping services for Rhino users
    VisualMill 5.0 with 5-axis milling
    madCAM, CAM in Rhino
    Lino, advanced drawing and illustration

    New Rhino/VisualMill training in Miami
    Training schedule
    Tutorials online
    Rhino jewelry training at GIA
    Teachers: Materials in European languages
    QuickStart training CD

    Developer support enhanced
    Technical support

For details, visit:

  English: http://www.rhino3d.com/e-news/e-news0104.htm
  Czech: http://www.cz.rhino3d.com/e-news/e-news0104.htm
  German: http://www.de.rhino3d.com/e-news/e-news0104.htm
  Spanish: http://www.es.rhino3d.com/e-news/e-news0104.htm
  French: http://www.fr.rhino3d.com/e-news/e-news0104.htm
  Italian: http://www.it.rhino3d.com/e-news/e-news0104.htm
  Japanese: http://www.jp.rhino3d.com/e-news/e-news0104.htm
  Traditional Chinese: http://www.tw.rhino3d.com/e-news/e-news0104.htm
  Simplified Chinese: http://www.cn.rhino3d.com/e-news/e-news0104.htm
  Korean: http://www.kr.rhino3d.com/e-news/e-news0104.htm
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