water clear casting - 365 pcs in four weeks.

From: Bruce E. LeMaster <lemaster_at_artcorp.com>
Date: Thu Jan 29 2004 - 17:10:14 EET

Hello all. I hope some of you have stayed on the list despite the
flurry of "virus" related messages lately.

We have a client looking for 365 castings of a clear "globe" within four
weeks. The "globe" is part of a lamp and roughly measures 10.5"
diameter and 5.5" tall. A pattern is available. To cast the part solid
would be in excess of 11 pounds of urethane. Casting a shell of the
part would be acceptable. They have a target price that is less than
$30 U.S. We've considered rotational molding but have been steered away
from that as an option by some that have tried roto molding clear
urethanes in the past.

Some have suggested acrylic casting. Do any of you have any suggestions
or know of someone that could take a project on like this? The clock is
ticking - they are looking for parts by late February.

Your suggestions will be most appreciated.


Bruce E. LeMaster

Applied Rapid Technologies Corporation
265 Cambridge Street, Suite 100
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22405
(540)371-1100 / (540)371-4100 fax
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