Shop executed SLS (and ZCorp Plaster) Coatings

From: Jonathan Chertok <>
Date: Thu Feb 05 2004 - 01:25:55 EET


I'm working on a series of about 80 (2" x 2" x 1") SLS models (made over a
period of time) that I am hoping to coat in some way. SLS seems to yellow
over time, and I'm hoping to get them all together with a similar surface.

I've looked at some very nice chrome, zinc and silver (among other) coatings
as well as some very well done metallized parts that some firms were kind
enough to do for me.

I'm wondering the following:

1. I'd like to patch a couple of parts and am wondering if there is a
suitable filler I should use for this.

2. The chromed parts were rather extraordinary and I am wondering if anyone
has any experience with priming these parts for chroming. Is it possible for
me to spray these parts with conductive coating (I have access to a spray
booth) and to then predrill a hole and use some kind of picture hanging
eyelet from which to suspend the parts for chrome-plating?

There is a firm here in town that does chrome plating and I'm wondering if
it is possible for me to do all the setup for him.

3. I'm also interested in possibly trying to preserve the very light lines
from the manufacture of these parts. Chrome plating does not seem to allow
for this, though the metallized parts were very nice in this respect.

Is there an alternate to chrome plating that would give me the color of
chrome, but preserve the very fine detail on these parts?

Can you just straight up prime and spray paint these parts? Can you dip them
in some way?

Cheers and thanks,



I've got similar questions about the ZCorp Plaster and would be interested
in hearing from anyone that has worked finishes on these as well.

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