RE: Current Spam Crisis

From: Bathsheba Grossman <>
Date: Fri Feb 06 2004 - 21:08:06 EET

On Fri, 6 Feb 2004, Bob Olsen wrote:
> And heaven help us if you have an auto out of office reply on! It would be
> great if we could cut down on all that bogus email, though the virus that
> triggered a lot of it seems to be subsiding....

It wouldn't be such a problem if this list didn't allow posts with
attachments -- it's a mystery to me why it does. They're not
necessary, people can always post a URL if they want to distribute a
file, and all they do in this context is propagate viruses. No other
unmoderated list in the entire universe allows attachments.

> Do toilets really flush backwards Down Under?!

I've heard this is an urban legend: if you had an ideal toilet under
perfectly undisturbed circumstances it might, but in real life random
factors swamp the Coriolis effect.

Nothing but bad news from me today!


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