Re: Shop executed SLS (and ZCorp Plaster) Coatings

From: Jonathan Chertok <>
Date: Fri Feb 06 2004 - 21:36:41 EET

Glyn, Sean, Ugo, List,

Thanks. I'm hoping to sort this out over the coming months.

I have noticed that the copper/conductive coat is very thick in comparison
to the chrome, nickel etcetera finish. My understanding is that this process
requires some labor in finishing the undercoat prior to the actual plating.
I have two "smooth geometry" parts here from Vacucoat that are very
beautiful. I think they are exquisite, but I lose the fine lines of the SLS

I am hoping to avoid this process partly because there are way too many
small, intricate geometries on a large number of parts - and partly simply a
question of cost. So I'm rooting around for alternative "in house"
possibilities. (I don't completely mind losing the lines of the SLS process

On the other hand I have noticed that the gold, copper, zinc, silver etc
parts that I received from ArtCraft Plating - also very beautiful - seem to
maintain the fine lines of the SLS and I am wondering if this process is
less labor intensive. They seem to have a nice permanent coating to them,
and would not appear to require "significant" prep.

Seems like I have two kind of plating here - one with a heavy conductive
coat that needs to be finished, and others without this heavy undercoat...

I can pursue the possibilities for my doing the setup for chrome plating
with a vendor here in town.

In the meantime, has anyone simply primed SLS parts and used a metallic
paint on them? If so, what kind of primer should I use? And can I go to a
specialty automotive paint supply and buy some silver paint to spray over
this primer coat? I suppose I should expect the durability of the parts that
result from this process to be significantly less than any of the plating
processes, huh?

Has anyone dipped parts into a gallon of paint?! Dip it in and turn it right
side up...?



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