re: thanks

From: John M. Irvin <>
Date: Tue Feb 17 2004 - 19:07:30 EET

To: Dr Chris Sutcliffe

I would like to let all know that even though Dr. Chris and I may have had
our comments last week about the bad flushing of toilets. Dr Sutcliffe had
delivered to my office last Friday a book on Bad Astronomy: Misconceptions
and Misuses Revealed.
I want to send my thanks for the book to the Dr. I have already started
reading thru it, Of course I started with the coriolis story first. A great
surprise and a big thanks to Dr Sutcliffe for the book. Actually these are
the things that I enjoy reading I guess what we call urban legends.
One last thing, I actually enjoyed the debate and responses. I usually end
up learning quite a bit as I will again this time.

Thanks Again
John Irvin, The Yank
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