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Date: Mon Feb 23 2004 - 16:04:02 EET

I've always wondered, what's the packing density for spheres?

Bear in mind most powders have a range of sizes, hence tighter packing =
is obtained as the smaller particles fill up the spaces between the =
bigger ones. Also when dealing with powder, other factors such as flow =
are affected by non-round shapes.

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Subject: powder packing density!!!

Thought this may be of interest to some,

It has just been published that M& M sweets pack together more densely =
perfect spheres when randomly jumbled in a container.
It was also discovered that by stretching the M&M shape (so elliptical,=20
like an almond) in computer simulations, a packing density approaching =
packing fraction of 0.74 was achieved.

This seems to me to be important to anyone involved with producing=20
components from powders, be it by conventional methods or by rapid=20
manufacturing techniques. Does anyone have any comments/thoughts on this =


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