SLS 2500 Feed sensor calibration

From: Rahbari, Mohamad <>
Date: Thu Feb 26 2004 - 23:40:48 EET

Dear list,

I was wondering if anyone out there has done any sord of calibration on the
heat sensors that measure the temperature in the left/right feed beds of the
SLS systems. We are finding that at the position of the sensor there seems
to be upto 45C temperature difference between what the sensor reads and a
thermocouple inserted. I am right now in the process of conducting a number
of tests comparing the temperature given by the sensor and a number of
different horizontal positions at the same vertical position as the sensor.
I am not sure if this is just a problem with our sensors or is this the way
all the sensors operate. The powder used in the feed cartridges during these
temperature tests has been Duraform GF.

Any input would be appreciated,

Thank-you in advance

Mohammad Rahbari
National Research Council of Canada
Integrated Manufacturing Technologies Institute
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London, Ontario
N6G 4X8
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