Please disallow attachments

From: Marshall Burns <>
Date: Wed Mar 03 2004 - 20:32:59 EET

Dear Hannu and Seppo,

    The suggestion has been made before, and it seems to be sensible
and, at this point, really crucial.

    We need to set RP-ML to not allow attachments. There is no reason
for them on a public mailing list. Any detailed info needed can be sent
via a URL to a Web page. The primary use of attachments these days is
for viruses.

    PLEASE disallow attachments on RP-ML in order to allow the list to
survive and be useful.

    Thank you for your years of public service, and let's keep a good
thing going.

Best regards,
Marshall Burns
Received on Thu Mar 04 10:07:09 2004

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