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From: Thomas Laufer <Thomas.Laufer_at_gmx.net>
Date: Tue Mar 02 2004 - 13:27:39 EET

Dear Sir/ Madam

I'm a student from the University in Portsmouth. We have a Z402 3D Plaster
Printer. This machine is part of my project.

We have purchased the new "Z Print 6.2 Software".
I have built 3 cylinders (diameter =3D 30 mm; height =3D 30 mm) to calibrat=
e the
machine. The middle axis of every cylinder was parallel to the XYZ-axis of
the 3D coordinate system of the machine.

We have used the Factory Settings ("Anisotropic Scaling" X =3D1; Y=3D1; Z =
the "Bleed Compensation" was switched off).
Layer thickness of 0.088 mm
Powder: ZP100

We have measured the height of the cylinders on a CMM machine in our
laboratory. We have got following results for the length of the cylinders:

X-Cylinder: 30.39 mm
Y-Cylinder: 30.43 mm
Z-Cylinder: 30.11 mm.

Also we have measured the cylindricity (geometric tolerance):
X-Cylinder: 0.23 mm
Y-Cylinder: 0.29 mm
Z-Cylinder: 0.08 mm.

After that we wanted to correct the length of the cylinders.

I have built 3 new cylinders. I set the =93Bleed Compensation=94 (was switc=
=93ON=94) to:
X:=090.195 mm
Y:=090.215 mm
Z:=090.055 mm.

I still haven=92t got round cylinders in X-and Y-axis. Only the Z-Cylinder =
round. Also I have got concaves underneath the cylinders. I have drawn a
sketch as an appendix to show the problem.
How can I avoid these concave shapes? This is a little bit strange, isn=92t
it? After I had changed the =93Bleed Compensation=94, I expected much round=

Would it be better to switch off the =93Bleed Compensation=94 (I=92ve got b=
results without any =93Bleed Compensation=94 than with this option) and to=
the =93Anisotropic Scaling=94 to calibrate the machine?

Kind regards,

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