[rp-ml] Space Puzzle Molding Frame for sale

From: Douglas A. VanPutte <dvanputt_at_rochester.rr.com>
Date: Wed Mar 24 2004 - 20:38:29 EET

I have been authorized by a long established U.S company to find a customer to purchase their Space Puzzle Molding frame. The SPM technology no longer fits in their long term plans. The frame is in excellent condition. This frame can mount an injection mold up to 4.5" x 6" x 10", and a series of smaller, specific mold sizes can also be mounted. The largest mold requires a minimum of a 5 oz. shot and a clamping pressure of 125 tons. The frame is mounted on the molding machine platen and is key to practice the technology. The frame accurately retains the multiple parts of the SPM mold during the molding process.

The SPM technology advantages are as follows:

1. Accurate, complex parts can be molded without side draws and ejector pins.
2. The mold can be altered easily by modifying or swapping out individual parts.
3. For complex production-type parts, the process can be highly competitive with normal molds up to 1000 parts.
4. Most resins can be molded without problems.
5. Shorter lead times are possible to mold complex parts.
6. High quality, complex parts can be justified in low volume products.
7. Rapid tools can be used to mold parts.

Please contact me off line if you are interested in the opportunity to practice this technology.

Douglas A. VanPutte
Rapid Tool Agent & Consultant
Received on Wed Mar 24 20:08:49 2004

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