[rp-ml] CALL FOR PAPERS - RPD 2004 (Portugal) - NEW DEADLINE 15TH APRIL 2004

From: Eventos - Centimfe <eventos_at_centimfe.com>
Date: Mon Mar 29 2004 - 21:02:20 EEST

  New Deadline to Abstracts' Submission: 15TH APRIL 2004!!!

  We have had many requests to extend our deadline as many have missed =
our earlier deadline for submission of abstracts. Hence we have now =
extended the deadline for abstracts' submission until 15th April, 2004

  The RPD 2004 - Rapid Product Development on Agile Development for =
Productivity (http://www.mouldsevent.com) is going to be held on 12th - =
13th October 2003 in Marinha Grande, Portugal. Please see the =
information below:


        RPD 2004 will comprise conferences and a technological =
exhibition dedicated to Product Development and Rapid Manufacturing =
Technologies, presenting the latest developments, products and services =
for Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Tooling, CAD/CAE/VR, among other.

        We would like to invite you to speak about successful projects =
and ideas. For that, you must submit contributions (papers) in the =
following areas:

          a.. Rapid Prototyping=20
          b.. Rapid Tooling=20
          c.. CAD/CAE/Reverse Engineering=20
          d.. Applications of RP&RT=20
          e.. Rapid Manufacturing=20
          f.. Mould Making=20
          g.. Materials=20
          h.. Design Engineering /Management=20
          i.. New Trends in Product Development=20
          j.. Virtual Environments=20
          k.. Advanced Developments in RP&RT=20
        Abstracts of papers must be sent to Centimfe =
(rpd@mouldsevent.com) until 15th April, 2004, in english.=20

        It should not exceed 200 words and must have a title, an =
abstract of the overall paper, name, adress and email of the author or =

        For your best convenience, we are sending you an "abstract =
model" for supporting you in its preparation. Abstract Model is also =
available on http://www.mouldsevent.com/documents/AbstractModel.doc

        Copies of the abstracts will be forwarded to the Technical =
Committee for review and selection. The author will be notified by =
mail. Abstracts can be either accepted, accepted with revisions or =

        Papers in their complete version must be sent to Centimfe until =
27th May 2004.

        We would be pleased to have you in RPD 2004 Event as an active =
participant and speaker. Please hurry and submit your presentation!!!

        For further information about RPD event and Moulds Event 2004 =
visit us on www.mouldsevent.com
        We are at your disposal for any further information you may =

        Looking forward to meet you on RPD and Moulds Event 2004, accept =
our Best Regards


  Joana Santos

  Zona Industrial
  Rua da Espanha, Lote 8
  Apartado 313
  2431-904 Marinha Grande

  Phone +351 244545600
  Fax +351 244545601
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