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From: Sachs <>
Date: Sat Apr 03 2004 - 22:36:40 EEST

Marshall -

Nice to see some renewed participation in the rpml from you.

At 09:00 AM 4/3/2004 -0800, you wrote:

>Just as we will all, a little bit later, become 3D-CAD designers in
>order to use our fabbers.
>Marshall Burns

My opinion is that, that too will all soon be done in India or China or some
other country. Perhaps this will also eventually be the case for RP. It is
now clear that anything which can be defined, described or accomplished by
following rules and that does not require someone to be physically in a
specific country, is a candidate to be done elsewhere. Transportation costs
and time considerations are the only impediment for doing this with RP
today. In fact, "faxing prototypes" - prepared elsewhere - back to the US,
may be THE way to cut prototype development costs while eliminating shipping
costs and delays - consider medical apps? This could really justify the
faxing of prototypes, and may be how it will all come about. All that will
be needed are machines that can spit the parts out without the need for
highly trained operators (which is what RP is supposed to do anyway) and, as
they say, the rest will be history.

George Sachs
Paradyme Systems

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