Who's funding RP research these days?

From: Marshall Burns <MB-ListMail2_at_Ennex.com>
Date: Sat Apr 17 2004 - 02:45:23 EEST

    Thanks for the kind welcoming remarks from people when I posted
recently. I'm sorry I haven't been as active here lately as before. As
all of you know, times have been tough in RP-land and sometimes it's
necessary to do other things.
    I've got a meeting next week with a university about the possibility
of starting up a research program in digital fabrication (i.e., "RP").
I'd like to give them a run-down of who is funding research in this
area, if possible with pointers to specific programs. Ideally, the scope
would be global (US, Europe, Japan, elsewhere) and it would include both
government and corporate sources.
    Any information (or pointers to sources) you can share with me on
this will be appreciated. Please feel free to respond to the list or
privately if you prefer.
    The fabber revolution is still coming. It's just been stalled for a
Best regards,
Marshall Burns
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