Call for contributions - Assises Européennes du Prototypage Rapide

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Date: Sun Apr 18 2004 - 10:19:51 EEST

>Mail of the AFPR to the actors of rapid development, prototyping and
>manufacturing market.
>Montrouge - France, le 13 avril 2004
>Call for contributions
>Call for contributions
>If you are users, specialists, researchers, this event constitute the
>unique occasion for presenting your technical, methodological and
>scientific progresses to a large panel of attendees.
>The topics considered for this 10th issue of the 10th European Forum on
>Rapid prototyping will focus both on technologies and applications. The
>proposed conferences have to be original ones and have never been
>presented or published else where in order to guaranty a major benefit,
>thanks to an original information, to the audience mainly composed of
>industrial people.
>The presentations during the conferences related to technological
>applications or research should allow attendees evaluating the benefits,
>the limits and the progress of the technologies and of the related aspects
>(machines, materials, methods, software, &). Even if such contribution
>will not be exhaustive and without considering some other session topics
>that you would have benefit to propose, some of the proposed topics will
>be the fundamental elements that characterise rapid product rapid product
>development, rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and manufacturing :
>machines : all 3D digitizing devices, machines and processes for direct or
>indirect part and tool manufacturing, etc.
>materials: all materials that are needed for using the previous
>technologies and processes, etc.
>software: all software allowing semi-automatic or automatic support for
>the definition of any process characteristics or models of rapid product
>development processes (digitizing, industrialisation, analysis, etc.)
>methods: all methods useful for any rapid product development processes in
>different application domains (scenarii, data digitizing analysis and
>computing, product and tool decomposition, computer-aided
>industrialisation, etc.)
>data models: all models and data formats that support representation or
>computing during part of the numerical chain (from object to object)
>concepts: all new concepts defining new ways for rapid product development
>integration and applications (e-manufacturing, mini-factory, etc.)
>The applicative conferences will illustrate concrete examples in many
>different domains , such as automotive industry, aeronautics, appliances,
>toys, jewels, medical, architecture, art, & by presenting studies on mould
>and pattern manufacturing, casting, plastic injection, & :
> * to present applications in company context and activity,
> * to show skill-centred applications,
> * to propose methodologies for the introduction of the technologies in
> the companies.
> * To illustrate methods and tools integration within the companies by
> taking into account the most recent evolutions (internet, knowledge-based
> systems, etc.).
>Some State-of-the-art keynote papers in the different focused domains are
>also welcome in order to highlight concepts and tools evolutions by
>comparing different approaches.
>So, the attendees will have benefit in participating to such event by
>appreciating and exchanging ideas and experiences in the way of progress
>and success for new technologies integration.
>You wish to propose a paper (regular or keynote),
>to propose a session topic,
>or to compete for the Trophies
>Within the 10th European Forum on Rapid Prototyping
>Please contact as soon as possible
>For Conference :
>Phone: + 33 (0)2 40 37 69 66 ; Fax: + 33 (0)2 40 37 69 30
>For Trophies :
>Phone: + 33 (0)6 12 59 38 03
>Secretary :
>AFRP - Sylvestre NUNES - <>
>Phone: + 33 (0)3 22 39 00 80
>Go to AEPR 2004 website <>
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