SV: Who's funding RP research these days?

From: Holmer Berndt <>
Date: Fri Apr 23 2004 - 14:09:47 EEST

You should have a look at this link:
Last October, Joseph Beaman, Clint Atwood and others made a European =
study tour organized by WTEC. The full report is not released yet but a =
workshop was held in December and the slides presented on the link above =
give you some input.
It feels so good these days every time one can read some real mails on =
rp-ml - but I don't blame rp-ml for that! I get at least 80 unwanted =
mails each day and a minority is rp-ml-related.=20
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Fr=E5n: Marshall Burns []
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=C4mne: Who's funding RP research these days?

    Thanks for the kind welcoming remarks from people when I posted =
recently. I'm sorry I haven't been as active here lately as before. As =
all of you know, times have been tough in RP-land and sometimes it's =
necessary to do other things.
    I've got a meeting next week with a university about the possibility =
of starting up a research program in digital fabrication (i.e., "RP"). =
I'd like to give them a run-down of who is funding research in this =
area, if possible with pointers to specific programs. Ideally, the scope =
would be global (US, Europe, Japan, elsewhere) and it would include both =
government and corporate sources.
    Any information (or pointers to sources) you can share with me on =
this will be appreciated. Please feel free to respond to the list or =
privately if you prefer.
    The fabber revolution is still coming. It's just been stalled for a =
Best regards,
Marshall Burns
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