The future of rapid prototyping? Xerox Research Results Bring Pr inted Plastic Transistors Closer to Commercial Reality

From: Blasch, Larry <>
Date: Mon Apr 19 2004 - 20:06:20 EEST

Complete plastic transistor circuit could be printed using new
semiconductive ink <<...OLE_Obj...>>
SAN FRANCISO, April 16, 2004 --
Semiconductive ink and new materials revealed today by Xerox Corporation
(NYSE: XRX) may make flexible roll-up television screens and computer
displays one step closer to reality.
According to Xerox, it has developed a high-performance, semiconductive ink
that can be used to print the semiconductor channels of transistors at low
temperatures and in open air - a requirement for low-cost manufacturing.
Most materials developed by researchers from other organizations have
required processing at high temperatures and under inert atmospheres.

The future of rapid prototyping?
Build the electronics circuitry within the object, not as a separate
RP could produce a functional product with no assembly required.

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