[rp-ml] Re: Who's left on rpml?

From: Tom Richards <Thoms1991_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Fri Apr 23 2004 - 17:41:02 EEST

Hello List,

We continue to manufacture prototype precision castings and to monitor the
rp-ml expectantly.

Sending this message will I know result in dozens of "failed message"/virus
emails. I wonder why?

Do the nuts in Korea and elsewhere around the word really think we will send
money to them in response to their ridiculous solicitations?

Sincerely, Tom Richards, Metallurgist

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> Unless I'm just having technical difficulties, it doesn't appear that
> are very many people left (or interested in) the rpml. Most of the very
> posts now made seem to be by the same handful, or two, of people. Could a
> few of you, who may not regularly participate post something new, so that
> might see some renewed life in the rpml. Supposedly there are still well
> over 1000 subscribers, but the participation level doesn't seem to support
> this number. Also, are there very many people from outside Michigan or the
> US attending the Dearborn, MI. RP conference this year and what are your
> opinions about the importance, usefulness or cost effectiveness of
> these? Is it still a MUST ATTEND event? Please suggest some other topics
> discussion. Also, Marshall, did you get any response to your recent
> about research money?
> George Sachs
> Paradyme Systems
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