[rp-ml] RE: Who's left on rpml?

From: Marshall Burns <MB-ListMail2_at_Ennex.com>
Date: Fri Apr 23 2004 - 18:49:24 EEST


        To answer the question to me in your message, I got one reply
from Berndt Holmer last week privately, and he just posted the same
response to the list today. His reference was useful.

BTW -- to everyone --

        I am developing a draft initiative description for establishing
a research and education program on fabricator technologies. This is not
about rapid prototyping, but about completely general technologies for
generating products directly from a CAD description. The Xerox
announcement posted this morning by Larry Blasch would be a good example
of the kinds of things we'd work on and teach about.

        I'm interested in hearing from universities (not just US, but
worldwide) that would like to discuss something like this. Also, I'd be
happy to hear from people outside universities who might be interested
in reviewing and commenting on the draft initiative.

        Since we may be missing a lot of people here because of the spam
wars, if you know someone who you think would be interested in this,
please consider referring them to me.

        Thanks folks. Hang on, the fabber revolution is still coming.

Best regards,
Marshall Burns

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> Unless I'm just having technical difficulties, it doesn't
> appear that there are very many people left (or interested
> in) the rpml. Most of the very few posts now made seem to be
> by the same handful, or two, of people. Could a few of you,
> who may not regularly participate post something new, so that
> we might see some renewed life in the rpml. Supposedly there
> are still well over 1000 subscribers, but the participation
> level doesn't seem to support this number. Also, are there
> very many people from outside Michigan or the US attending
> the Dearborn, MI. RP conference this year and what are your
> opinions about the importance, usefulness or cost
> effectiveness of attending these? Is it still a MUST ATTEND
> event? Please suggest some other topics of discussion. Also,
> Marshall, did you get any response to your recent inquiry
> about research money?
> George Sachs
> Paradyme Systems
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