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From: O'Donnchadha, Brian - PostGrad <Brian.O'>
Date: Fri Apr 23 2004 - 19:06:10 EEST

Hi Dave and List

I believe that the InVision machine holds eight cartridges of build material
called VisiJet M, an acrylate gel at room temp.
It also holds eight cartridges of support material, called VisiJet S (a wax
I think), and this is jetted from a second array of jets.
The supports are removed by either soaking in liquid wax support material at
70 degrees centigrade, or by placing in a low temp. oven.
The part is then wiped or blown off.
No post curing is necessary

Best Regards


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> Dear All,
> I would like to know whether you need a seperate material for creation of
> support in Invision and What is the process for support removal.
> I would highly appreciate a quick response on this either on or off list.
> Thanks ,
> Dave
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