AW: [rp-ml] stl file for eye glasses

From: Ernst Mueller <>
Date: Sun Apr 25 2004 - 19:22:49 EEST

Hello Andrea,

We can do and give you the stl data as shown in: Here you can
find also the stl data to download, build and verify with your friend if
this is what he is looking for.

Therefore, if you send us the eye glasses, we digitize them and send you
the stl data.

With best regards

Ernst Müller
GOM International AG
Bremgarterstrasse 89B Tel: +41 56 631 04 04
CH- 8967 Widen (Switzerland) Fax: +41 56 631 04 07

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Betreff: [rp-ml] stl file for eye glasses

Dear RP community

for one of my friends (who is selling eye glasses and would
like to have animation + rp parts combination in his shop)

i am looking for 3d data [*.stl/*.step] of
complete eye glasses -looking as old fasioned as possible-

Thank you for any idea

Best regards
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