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Date: Thu Apr 29 2004 - 19:10:49 EEST

Contact the San Diego Supercomputer Center. They have done this quite a bit
through their telemanufacturing facility - I think the contacts are
http://www. <http://www.sdsc.edu/tmf> sdsc.edu/tmf or contact Mike Bailey at
Bob Crangle
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Subject: From GIS data to STL
Dear All,
We are working on getting RP prototype from geological data. We want to make
RP prototype of a catchment area (or any other landscape). What are the GIS
file formats we can use to convert it into an STL file? I find 20m
resolution and 100m resolution DEM product data to have 3D information.
ArcView opens an ArcView grid file of the DEM data but it doesn't seem to
convert properly into a CGM file with 3D info. Once I can convert into CGM
or another 3D file I can use Deep explorer or 3D object converter to convert
it into STL. I remember seeing some discussion in rpml around a year ago but
I couldn't find anything in the archive with GIS in the subject line.
My query from the list is which GIS file format is generally used for such a
purpose. I will be glad to hear from the people who have experience in this
I had seen an RP part of a landscape exhibited in the RP&M expo 2003 in
Chicago. Can somebody from that RP firm or anybody who recalls about it give
me more details? We at CUT, previously known as Technikon Free State, are
working on modeling of catchment area. This will help in water management
problem of S Africa.
A member of RPML since 1996 and always hoping for the spam to go. I didn't
see any spam in the last one week. Good work by Hannu and Seppo.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Dr Sanat Agrawal,
Faculty of Engineering,
Central University of Technology,
Bloemfontein 9301,
South Africa.
Ph: (051) 507-3537 (work) (082) 971-7769 (cell)

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