RE: [rp-ml] RE: From GIS data to STL

From: Makai Smith <>
Date: Tue May 04 2004 - 19:52:54 EEST

Apologies for such a late post!
>We are working on getting RP prototype from geological data
>...GIS file formats we can use to convert it into an STL file
You've got it...the DEM. For the US at least they are now packed within
an SDTS file.
A good repository is
>ArcView opens an ArcView grid file of the DEM data but it doesn't seem
to convert properly
Last time I did this in ArcView3.2 it went:
SDTS -> DEM via Sol Katz's sdts2dem.exe at the command line
DEM -> GRID done within ArcView
GRID -> TIN using the 3DAnalyst extension in ArcView
TIN -> VRML export function
I've gone VRML direct to the ZCorp (which keeps draped image maps for
the color machine) and direct to DeskProto milling software. But I have
not used the CGM format.

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