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 - And apparently many others who may not be aware - based on recent queries
I've received:

The RPML is archived and you can generally get answers to questions by simply
using Google and other search engines. They'll usually pop up references on
the RPML to specialized topics if you properly phrase your query (e.g., put
RPML in the search window).

But if you really want deeeeep info, download ALL the RPML postings from the
LAST 9+ YEARS from our site. These have been (almost) completely scrubbed of
spam and there are now just under 23,000 pages available (not a misprint).
Search the postings on your own hard drive using your WP.

It's an extremely useful source of information and the price is right. Free.
Use the LH Nav column on our front page to take you to the Archive.


Ed Grenda
Castle Island Co.
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The Worldwide Guide to Rapid Prototyping

In a message dated 04-05-14 11:46:28 EDT, asrpas@yahoo.com.au writes:

 Thanks to all of you for sharing your ideas. As Larry mentioned we have
 decided to make core masters on our FDM m/c and contacted the local foundry
 to make the epoxy tooling for sand cores. Because of urgency of project I
 apologise not to get quote all who contacted me offlist but bookmarked them
 for future projects.
 Once again this listing is great resource for ideas otherwise no way you can
 collect all that information from single media. Wish one day someone will
 organise all rp-mail archived messages and publish as a book (suppose
 excluding spams & scams). I'm sure that'll sell like a hot cake and will be
 enough revenue for the RP-mail admin to put a world class spam filter.
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