[rp-ml] Laser Scanning to Solid Model Format

From: Mat Cappel <Mat_at_b3dScan.com>
Date: Tue May 25 2004 - 22:56:14 EEST

While visiting the Dearborn, Michigan RP show a few weeks ago, I
realized most RP providers want to have solid models and not just a
surface mesh or stl for reproduction. Apparently they will often do
further design and manipulation to the files. In response to this and
recognition of this request Berding 3D Scanning now has the ability to
save solid models directly to Unigraphics and parasolid formats and even
build parametry directly into the final CAD model off scanned point
I have posted a handful of solid and surfaced files of a casting and an
ear mold on our web site. These sample CAD files as well as other case
studies and press releases can be downloaded for free at www.b3dscan.com
<http://www.b3dscan.com> =20
We also provide long range scanning services for capturing and modeling
of much larger objects such as buildings, test cells, facilities, and
production lines, just to name a few. Imagine a threaded bolt inside a
building all modeled in one drawing.
I will also be speaking at the Polyworks user meeting June 17-18
(download the Polyworks official invitation here:
pdf> ) and also at the Cleveland Moldmaking Conference June 22 - 24
(download the Moldmaking official invitation here
<http://www.b3dscan.com/download/speakerpdf.pdf> :
http://www.b3dscan.com/download/speakerpdf.pdf ) I hope to see you


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