RE: [rp-ml] Question about Material for Perfactory

From: Sean Wise <>
Date: Fri May 28 2004 - 23:49:34 EEST


I don't know the answer specifically but if I'm not mistaken, the Perfactory
projects an image using digital light processing onto the bottom of a tray
of liquid. If the projector uses a visible wavelength of light, which I
suspect it does, then the resin has to have some color to absorb light and
initial polymerization. If that's the case, making a colorless resin would
be tricky.

Sean Wise

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Subject: [rp-ml] Question about Material for Perfactory

Dear List,

I wonder if there is any update of materials for Perfactory recently.
I am testing color and transparency of materials for Perfactory, and I am
looking for material with no color
and transparency, like DSM Somos Waterclear.
If there is, is there any service bureau which is using it?

Thanks in advance.

Tae-ywan Kim
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