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From: Rupert Soar <R.C.Soar_at_lboro.ac.uk>
Date: Tue Jun 08 2004 - 01:53:29 EEST

Dear List,

Is anyone out there looking for a radical departure to their Rapid
Manufacturing research? The Rapid Manunfacturing Research Group (RMRG)
at Loughborough University has a prominant position in this industry, in
which we are defining and exploiting new areas where RM will have a
major impact. We have recently received two seperate sources of funding
for a novel application of RM.

The application is one which some of you have thought about, and
discussed on the RPML - We are addressing Large Scale Freeform
Fabrication (or big fabricating machines) for massive structures. We
will be beginning this research by considering Freeform Construction.
This area is ripe for exploitation, driven by current and emerging
regulations and environmental pressures, in the construction industry,
to find new and better solutions to construction technologies. For one
of the projects we will be considering processes for 'off-site' factory
manufacture of freeform modular panels and 'on-site' fabricating
machines. The research will also consider the benefits these approaches
may offer, in terms of optimised structures, direct writing, integral
ducting and channeling, adaptive thermo/acoustic capabilities. For the
second we will be developing scanning and modelling techniques to
demonstrate structures with 'higher functions'. The latter I will
explain more about off-line and will involve research in Namibia to
perform 3D scanning (both inside and out) of real termite mounds.
There's two Post-Doctorate Research Assistant positions and two
Post-Graduate positions to fill. I am looking for skills in RM,
scanning equipment, data capture and data assembly, FEA modelling, CFD,
design optimisation, but not necessarily all of these, to pull off this
momentous task. The research is inter-disciplinary and does not have to
be filled by RM expertise alone, there is room for anyone proven in
construction, biology/physiology, robotics to participate.

Please contact me using the details below.


Dr Rupert Soar
Rapid Manufacturing Research Group
Wolfson School of Mech and Man Eng.
Loughborough University
LE11 3TU
Tel +44 (0)1509 227637
Fax +44 (0) 1509 227549
Cell +44 (0) 7973 219624
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