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<< Hello everyone,
 Has anyone seen the following? Anyone know what "$75 million for rapid
prototyping" really means?
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 HOMELAND Security spending bill headed to Senate floor - USA
 ... infrastructures, $67 million for cyber-security activities, $141 million
 for national security telecommunications, $75 million for rapid prototyping
 and $11 ...
Hi Terry:

I've seen some news releases like this in the past month or two. What they
usually refer to after tracking down is not the kind of RP, we all know and
love as additive fabrication - but the RP that is done at a digital systems

Unfortunately, the term RP is used for a number of disparate technologies
ranging from micro-fluidics to cockpit control - none of which have anything to
do with additive fabrication. There are even conferences on RPing of digital
systems. While I don't feel that the researchers who usurp this terminology
should have their arms ripped off and be beaten to death with the stumps, I don't
feel they should be entirely ignored, either. Perhaps a happy balance in
between these extremes can be achieved.

It would certainly make my life simpler.


Ed Grenda
Castle Island Co. (email)

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