[rp-ml] $75 million for rapid prototyping

From: Sachs <sachs_at_pipeline.com>
Date: Fri Jun 18 2004 - 22:20:25 EEST


I don't think its what you think it might involve.

Rapid Prototyping Program. "The Committee strongly supports this effort and
has provided an additional $50,000,000 to encourage and support innovative
solutions to enhance homeland security and engage the private sector in
rapid prototyping of homeland security technologies."

I think it's used in the sense of quickly trying out HS ideas, though it
could involve a small amount of commercial RP utilization along the way.

Earlier on, I think Marshall Burns, posted a question about possible sources
for funding RP research and I was going to respond by saying that given that
our government has now significantly decreased overall funding for basic
research while at the same time chosen to shift more of the remaining R&D
dollars to medical research and the new field of homeland security, it seems
to me, that probably the only way to even possibly wrestle some of this
money away for basic RP research would be to find some kind of either
homeland security, or medical connection. Tissue engineering might be one of
the "hot" new RP focus areas as far as publicaly funded RP research goes.

George Sachs
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